The most ancient baleen Whale alive today needs your help!

For nearly 30 million years majestic Gray Whales have roamed many oceans. In the 21st Century only one viable race survives, THE EASTERN PACIFIC GRAY WHALE. Its relative, the Western Pacific Gray Whale is ecologically extinct.

These magnificent whales defend their young. In the old days, the whales were known as “Devil Fish”. Today, in the balmy Mexican Lagoons where Gray Whales give birth and nurture their young, Gray Whales will come to the “Pangas” (small boats) and allow themselves and their calves to be scratched and stroked; A MIRACULOUS EXPERIENCE!.

Whilst these Whales have survived ice ages and other extreme natural threats, they are unable to defend themselves from human activity and intense industrialization along their migration route. Climate change is having a devastating effect on their feeding grounds.

Many whales are starving as a result. 10 percent of the current migration are emaciated.

The CALIFORNIA GRAY WHALE COALITION has been created to ensure the remaining Gray Whale population is relisted under the US ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT. A three nation effort, the Coalition represents economic and environmental interests.