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OO An Unusually Warm Arctic Year:
Sign Of Future Climate Turmoil 
with significant effects on US weather. Takeaways:

  • barring a miracle, 2016 will be the warmest on record in the Arctic:
  • autumn temperatures soared 36 degrees F above normal over broad areas;
  • almost every month saw record high temperatures.
  • An Arctic hot spot above Scandinavia-west Russia will probably have big impacts on Asia weather.
  • All this is dramatically different from just 30 years ago:
  • Summer ice is disappearing fast, and
  • Winter ice is forming far slower.


Warming Begats Melt, Begats More Warming is the point of how the albedo re-enforcing feedback loop works in the Arctic. As ice melts, the darker resulting water absorbs more heat, which melts more ice, which absorbs more… well, you get the idea. Source

  • A major Arctic re-enforcing feedback cycle, the albedo effect,
  • – where warming melts ice, darker water absorbs more heat, melting more ice –
  • helps jumpstart other re-enforcing feedback cycles fueling further warming:
  • This increases global warming in a few ways:
  • Summer Arctic seawater absorbs far more heat than ice it replaces; and does so continuously as the sun never sets
  • Come fall, as ice forms, much of that heat is released into the air,
  • Keeping it warm for a long time.
  • Water vapor, a very potent heat absorbing gas,
  • is also released,
  • Which also keeps heat close to the surface, and
  • Helps more clouds form, which slows the escape of heat.


Record Polar Heat Not Unexpected in the Arctic, says Jennifer Frances, an award-winning climate researcher at Rutgers University. It pretty much supports predictions of our human-caused climate change models. Photo Source

  • As Arctic temperatures warm closer to temperate ones,
  • The jet stream wind track wobbles,
  • looping way down into the temperate zone
  • And bringing lots of heat and water vapor from there to the Arctic,
  • Warming it further.

All this might signal a speeding up of global warming.

“This year was not unexpected —
it was a continuation in the losses of ice
and the warming in the Arctic.”


Sea Ice Loss Dooms Polar Bears – And People, for dramatic changes in the Arctic foretell dramatic changes in the weather far south of there, where humanity lives. Source US Fish and Wildlife Service

OO Polar Sea Ice The Size Of India Vanishes In Record Heat
off Antarctica AND the Arctic
, where ice is at record lows for this time of year, in a sign of rising global temperatures, climate scientists say.

OO Polar Bear Numbers To Plunge A Third As Sea Ice Melts in 25 years, says the first systematic assessment of how dwindling Arctic sea ice affects the world’s largest bear.

OO This Is Not Normal, People:
Arctic And Antarctic Hit Record Low Sea Ice


An Ice Giant Gone Soon Than Thought , new evidence suggests the giant ice sheet of Greenland can melt far faster and more far more frequently than thought. Photo Source The New York Times

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