The Coalition is now turning its resources to focus almost entirely on underwater noise. In early April, our CEO met with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency to discuss the potential for noise to be included as a major threat to California’s 8 marine protected areas.

As well, the Coalition met with the CEO of the California Ocean Science Trust to discuss our concerns.
We will keep you posted on the outcome of these discussions.

As the Coalition respects the experience of the commercial fishing industry in their unique understanding of the marine environment on which they depend, we invited the CEO of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermens’ Association to join the Coalition in Sacramento. We will continue to work closely with the Federation as underwater noise has the potential to severely impact their industry.

There are HUGE gaps in research of underwater noise. Perhaps the most critical gap revolves around the cumulative impacts of sound pressure waves on marine ecosystems and marine life. Noise and pressure waves may continue for months on end, day and night. The pathetic response by the seismic industry that “ whales and other animals will move somewhere else” has no credibility.

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