Please Donate – Every Little Bit Counts!

donate to california gray whale coalition throug network for good

Australians for Animals and The California Gray Whale Coalition have been working tirelessly for over 12 years to protect the Gray Whale. All our work has been privately funded or driven by volunteers.

Climate change is having a major impact on the majestic Gray Whale. The whales are facing a smorgasbord of major threats including oil and gas leases across their feeding grounds.

As our campaign to relist the Gray Whale under the US Endangered Species Act reaches a critical moment, we’re asking you to contribute financially to ensuring a future for these incredible whales.

Any amount you choose to give, large or small will be dedicated to the task of saving the California Gray Whale. The power and energy of our combined numbers helps to spread the word about the plight of the Gray whale, any donations will serve to improve their survival by ensuring the whales have the maximum legal protection available.

Please! Make a donation (big or small). Donating automatically includes you as a Gray Whale Fan Club member. As a member your name will go down in history as having helped save the California Gray Whale.

You will also receive regular updates on exactly how your contributions are helping the campaign.
If you’re unable to donate, please feel free to join the Fanclub anyway. Visit our FanClub members page to see how your name will be displayed and recorded in history for contributing toward the salvation of the California Gray Whale.

The CALIFORNIA GRAY WHALE COALITION is dedicated to protecting the most ancient Baleen Whale on Planet Earth.