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Whale watchers fear visiting whales will face radiation dangers as both gray and humpback whales migrate up and down the West Coast.

Story and photo by Dave Masko

CENTRAL OREGON COAST – The coast’s winter whale watching season brings real fear for visiting humpbacks and grey whales encountering “radiation hot spots” along West Coast waters as they migrate to and from Alaska and Mexico.

The central Oregon coast’s whale watching training features more than 100 volunteers at 25 whale-watching sites along the coast during the height of the whale watching winter season, Dec. 27-31. However, this year’s whale-watching volunteers have been trained in the dangers of radiation relating to human and whale health.

For example, there has been a rash of dead humpback whales washing-up along central Oregon coast beaches in the wake of the entire West Coast of North America being hit by radioisotopes from the damaged nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan.

“We have been trained to stay clear of any dead whales that wash ashore during this forthcoming winter migration. We will be watching out for problems impacting our humpbacks and gray whales,” explained longtime whale watching volunteer Andy McFall during a Nov. 17, 2014 interview.

For instance, McFall says he will look for unusual behavior and death on the beaches, “as these whales migrate through our central Oregon coast waters.  In Oregon we don’t play when it comes to these environmental dangers we are all facing right now; especially these radioactive isotopes out there.”


While the government downplays leaking ionizing radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, scientific experts think human exposure results in clear levels of damage to the human body over time; including the lungs, thyroid, skin and liver being “very sensitive to radiation damage caused by specific radionuclides: alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays.”

Scientific research points to “radiation” now being detected from Japan’s March 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown.

Experts say the radioactive materials are still being dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

In fact, there is currently an effort for West Coast locals to collect samples and report any “radiation strangeness” to the http://ourradioactiveocean.org/ website. The site is run by the Center for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity (CMER).

CMER scientists said they are “deeply concerned” about the unabated release of radioactive contaminants from the crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Although government officials have joked that “nobody will be glowing just yet,” there are CMER and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientists that claim there is “an ongoing spread of radiation across the Pacific” that is “evolving into something horrible.”

The radiation is seriously impacting both the Pacific Ocean, and all people who live near it, say experts and locals.

“We’re told that we’re not yet at risk for radiation poisoning and disease. Yet, the thinking in five to 10 years’ time there will be lots of cancer hitting residents of the West Coast,” says concerned central Oregon coast resident Philip Neiman.

Neiman, an 89-year-old World War II veteran, added: “I remember the horror after we dropped the A-bombs on Japan.  Then the radiation poisoning that killed people for years and years later. Mention radiation and the red flag goes up.”

In turn, Neiman has joined neighbors here along the central Oregon coast to mobilize and help raise money so CMER can analyze about five gallons of seawater the veteran recently collected to “check for signs of radiation from that leaking Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.”


While government officials say the radiation found up and down the West Coast of North America – including here along the Oregon Coast – is “only as toxic as a dental X-ray,” whale watching volunteer Peggy Campbell says “I am not comforted by that news when it comes to our visiting gray and humpback whales that are due in our waters between Dec. 27-31.”

Campbell is asking local marine science experts at the nearby Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport to “do whatever they can to educate coastal residents and visitors about the radioactive dangers washing up from Japan.”



  1. Why are the press ignoring the wale migration pattern change with this radiation still washing up on our West Coast? They see the changes, we see the injured wales, and wonder why they are coming to shore. Someone needs to tell the press NOW! 1-07-2015

  2. Campbell is asking local marine science experts at the nearby Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport to “do whatever they can to educate coastal residents and visitors about the radioactive dangers washing up from Japan.”

    Can she ask the WHO how they are going to get involved? Really, someone needs to stop this, since Japan isn’t. Radiation doesn’t dissolve in the ocean, it just disperses.

    • Well the fisherman of Fukushima decided it was OK to dump contaminated water from the plant last week so apparently no one is truly paying attention. Why isn’t the UN involved this is potentially a world wide event. God forbid human beings think ahead and stop before the damage gets beyond repair.How ignorant to continue to dump as if the ecosystem can tolerate it. It’s maddening!

  3. Having followed the nuclear crisis from the start, NOTHING is a surprise. Imagine a nuclear bomb strong enough to wipe out the northern hemisphere. That’s what we have here, only in slow motion. For some of the most sobering news you will ever read, go to ENENEWS.com, for continuing updates on this extinction level event. Three total core meltdowns continue to this day, eroding what little containment there is left. Some experts have concluded that the melted corium has already reached soil. We are in the infant stages of the worst possible manmade catastrophy in history, with no technology available to stop it.
    The tragic loss of marine life is an indication that our food chain is compromised. Record die offs of species go unnoticed in the mainstream media, and our government along with Japans has covered up the crisis. Japan had passed a secrecy law, prohibiting their citizens from discussing nuclear opinion and health related issues, as well as stifling their own media.
    People on the west coast have already received hefty doses of hot particles including Cesium 134@137, Strontium 90, Plutonium, Xenon gas, just for starters. West coasters are in for the shock of their lives when reality finally takes hold. Nothing is what it seems. Get your house in order!

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  5. I am scared to death what is happening to our wonderful marine life and the birds who feed off of fish to survive. There are no controls in place to stop the leaking radiation from Fukushima and the dead baby sea lions, crabs, starfish and other wildlife who are suffering from these continual leaks of radioisotopes is horrible to read about. It just doesn’t seem like Japan has any plans to stop the leaking of cesium-134 & 137 and other ionizing radiation. And, when I try to talk to people about this they just look at me with blank faces since they have completely forgotten about the horrible earthquake and tsunami which occurred on Mar 11, 2011. Still, there ARE people like me who do care about what is happening to our Pacific Ocean and the fish die-offs. A tragedy is occurring and no one seems to care, but I do.

  6. The level in one sample that has been detected up in B.C. is very low, apparently barely detectable.
    It’s there in the water, and it’s from Fukushima, but at a low level.
    I expect the die-offs of mammals and others is likely due to disruptions in the food chain from ocean acidification and temperature changes, rather than small radioactivity increases.

    • I don’t think one sample from B.C. is very useful. The work that’s been done
      on starfish provides a better sample. In any event, the combination and cumulative
      impacts of radiation ( it has been happening for several years the leaking from Fukushima plus the
      air current contain particles) plus climate change and ocean acidification are proving to be
      highly destructive to maintaining any healthy ocean environment.

  7. I am afraid that the powers that be are not going to admit that radiation from Fukushima Japan is slowly killing the Pacific and other oceans.

    This is an extinction level event and what is more, 80% of our breathable Oxygen comes from the Oceans.

    There is nothing that anyone can do as the powers that be have already started and are convincing the mass of humans that this is all as a result of global climate change and will not tell the truth about radiation pouring into the sea daily since March 2011 when three Atomic Plants melted down.

    Further, one of the fuel pools from one of the plants seem to have vaporized and the particles are all over Japan’s country side all the way to Tokyo and undoubtedly half if not more of them wound up in the sea. Further contaminating the Ocean.

    Whales and other sea life are dying of heart attacks and radiation sickness which mutates the cells of the body at the atomic and genetic levels and the fish they eat increases their contamination daily.

    It reminds me of a biblical passage. “If those days were not cut short, no flesh would be saved”

    It is, now, what we are seeing.

    Now there is something which could be done. An old technology called steam power could be utilized as equipment to go where our electronic machines cannot.

    Upon this type of thinking men could build something to operate at distances with high pressure hoses and get this molten fuel out of the ground.

    Does anyone know what I am talking about?

    Now that is and would be an alternative to the present strategy of doing nothing.

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