A massive largely un-reported environmental catastrophe is happening along the west coast of North America.   Millions of sea creatures have died and the death rate keeps climbing with no end in sight.

The collapse of the Pacific food web is creating a living horror movie, a crisis of global proportions yet there’s barely a mention in mainstream media in the US or Australia. Experts are saying It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death”


Millions of starfish up and down the west coast of North America have died, reduced to mounds of white goo.




Tragically, around 10,000 sea lion pups have died on one California island, whilst over 2000 emaciated, dehydrated and diseased have washed up on California shores, from San Diego to San Francisco. They’ve been found in backyards, parking lots, car parks, dreadfully emaciated, dying slowly.


The California sea lion is an indicator species and is known to be especially sensitive to changes in offshore ocean health.


Scientists estimate a death toll of between 50,000-100,000 deaths of West Coast seabirds, so far.


“This is just, massive, massive, unprecedented.” Says Julia Parish, a University of Washington seabird ecologist.



The sardine biomass, primary prey for so many marine species has collapsed to its lowest level in six decades.   Down from around 725,000 tons in 2014 to 406,00 tons in 2014.

Auklets, one of the primary seabird casualties feed on copepods, tiny krill like creatures which are also the prey of many baleen and toothed whales. Scientists believe a knock-on impact of this unfolding crisis will have major impacts on other species.

Along the Baja California coasts of Mexico, 55 dead dolphins, 550 seabirds, l50 dead sea turtles and l4 dead gray whales have been found.

Ocean regions which are already naturally low in oxygen are growing exponentially, spreading horizontally and vertically. Included are vast portions of the eastern Pacific, almost all of the Bay of Bengal, and an area of the Atlantic off West Africa as broad as the USA.

Globally, these low oxygen areas have expanded by more than l.7 million square miles in the past 50 years.

Predators are being seen sticking near the surface instead of their usual plunging to the depths to chase prey. Scientists believe this is some of the most tangible evidence that warming seawater temperatures are sucking oxygen out of waters even as far out as sea, making enormous stretches of deep ocean hostile to marine life.

William Gilly, marine biologist at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Lab at Monterey says: “ 200 metres down, there’s a freight train of low oxygen water barrelling towards the surface.

Scientists say they found no traces of killers like oil, viruses or bacteria in the dead seabirds. Tests confirmed they died of starvation, with warm waters being identified as the major suspect in the cause of death.

The writing is writ large on a global wall.   Our oceans are sick, climate change, ocean acidification, increasing seawater temperatures, underwater noise, over-fishing and political inaction are creatinga global environmental crisis of un-imagineable proportions.

Oceans are our source of life.   Healthy oceans breathe for the planet creating an oxygenated environment that allows all life to survive.

The censorship of these catastrophes is an indication of the take-over of our governments by vested interests who have no regard for the future survival of life on earth.

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