Who we are

Black and White Photo of Ben White smiling.This website is dedicated to the memory of Ben White.   Ben was a tireless campaigner for whales and dolphins around the world.  His courage and strength are an inspiration for all activists who care about justice and rights for animals.  Ben created the Church of the Earth and this website honours his work and efforts.

Australians for Animals Int. (AFA Int.)

AFA Int.) is one of Australia’s longest serving wildlife organizations with 27 years of campaigning on behalf of cetaceans and other critters. AFA Int. as an International Whaling Commission (IWC) accredited NGO, has lobbied on behalf of the Gray Whale since 1996 at IWC meetings.

AFA Int. has:-

  • Initiated all the lawsuits to protect the Gray Whale
    from the efforts by the Makah tribe.
  • Mounted  two lawsuits to protect heavily pregnant
    gray whales from sonar experiments designed to refine
    military sonar.
  • Commissioned an heuristic model of the Gray Whale
    developed by Dr. Milani Chaloupka, an Australian research
  • Organized an historic scientific workshop on the gray
    whale held in Santa Cruz in 2000.  At this workshop,
    chaired by Dr Milani Chaloupka, scientists from Canada, the
    US and Mexico participated.
  • Filed a relisting petition in 2003 which was denied by
    National Marine & Fisheries Service – and much

Sea Sanctuary

Founded in 2000, Sea Sanctuary is a San Francisco based
grass-roots, organization which was established for the
benefit of whales and dolphins and their habitats. The focus
of Sea Sanctuary is to:-
Establish a multinational network for California Gray